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NM Web Kings' Journey from Wordpress to Lapis

March 1, 2024


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At NM Web Kings, our mission has always been to harness the most effective technologies to deliver exceptional websites for our clients. This commitment to innovation and excellence led us to transition our own site, nmwebkings.com, from WordPress with Brizy Page Builder to a custom solution powered by the Lua Lapis Framework.

Embracing Change for Enhanced Performance

While WordPress has served us and continues to serve our clients well, offering flexibility and ease of use, our team sought a platform that could provide even greater speed, security, and customization for our specific needs. The Lua Lapis Framework emerged as the perfect candidate, aligning with our goals to push the boundaries of web performance and design.

The Benefits of Lua Lapis Framework

Unparalleled Speed: One of the primary motivations for our transition was the pursuit of exceptional website speed. Lapis, with its LuaJIT and Nginx backbone, offers a leaner, more efficient way to serve web content, significantly reducing load times.

Customized Security Measures: The switch also allowed us to implement more robust security features tailored to our site. Advanced caching techniques and a strict Content Security Policy (CSP) have fortified our online presence against threats.

Tailored Design and Functionality: Moving to the Lua Lapis Framework has unlocked new realms of customization. Freed from the constraints of pre-designed themes and plugins, we can now craft unique experiences that truly reflect our brand and meet our visitors’ needs.

A Showcase of Our Capabilities: This transition to Lapis is not just a change in technology; it’s a statement of our expertise and a showcase of what we can achieve. It demonstrates our ability to adapt and utilize cutting-edge technologies to create superior web solutions.

A Deeper Connection: Why Lua Lapis Framework Was the Perfect Fit

Our journey towards adopting the Lua Lapis Framework for nmwebkings.com was driven by more than just the pursuit of performance. At the core of our decision was a profound appreciation for the Lua language itself and how it aligns with our broader interests and aspirations, particularly in the realm of game development.

A Passion for Lua: Our team has always been captivated by the elegance and simplicity of the Lua language. This passion extends beyond web development; we‘re actively exploring the world of game development, experimenting with the Love2D framework in our spare time. Lua’s versatility and ease of use make it a joy to work with, whether we’re crafting web applications or diving into game creation. The transition to a Lua-based web framework felt like a natural progression, allowing us to deepen our expertise in a language we love.

Maturity and Fit of Lapis: In our search for the ideal server-side web framework, Lapis stood out not just for its performance, but also for its maturity. It’s a well-established framework that offers the robustness we need for professional-grade web development. This maturity, combined with our existing familiarity with Lua, made Lapis an obvious choice for us.

Customization and Flexibility: Another key factor in our decision was the deep level of customization Lapis allows. Its less opinionated nature, akin to Ruby‘s Sinatra or Python’s Flask, gives us the freedom to craft web solutions that are truly tailored to specific needs. This minimalist approach, combined with a rich ecosystem provided by LuaRocks, enables us to build lean, efficient applications without the bloat of unnecessary features.

A Rich Ecosystem: The Lua ecosystem, with LuaRocks at its heart, offers a wealth of libraries and tools that enhance our development process. This ecosystem allows us to extend and customize our applications with ease, ensuring we can always find the right tool for the job.

Embracing Lua Across Our Projects

Our embrace of the Lua Lapis Framework is a reflection of our broader commitment to the Lua language and its ecosystem. This decision has not only improved our web development capabilities but also enriched our exploration of game development. By aligning our web and game development endeavors under the Lua umbrella, we’ve streamlined our learning and development processes, making our after-hours projects more productive and enjoyable.

Our Continued Support for Diverse Technologies

While we’re enthusiastic about our move to the Lua Lapis Framework, we remain technology agnostic at heart. Our goal is always to find the best solution for each project, whether that means leveraging WordPress, diving into the world of Lua, or exploring other technologies. Our journey with Lua and Lapis enriches our toolkit, enabling us to offer even more tailored, efficient, and innovative solutions to our clients.

It’s important to note that our move to Lapis for nmwebkings.com in no way diminishes our support and enthusiasm for WordPress. We continue to recommend and develop WordPress sites for clients for whom it remains the ideal platform. Our expertise in both WordPress and Lapis positions us uniquely to offer tailored advice and solutions, ensuring our clients always have access to the best technology for their needs.
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